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TurboTax vs Tax Preparation Services

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Intuit Corporation, whose stock symbol NASDAQ: INTU maker of Turbotax and QuickBooks have perhaps the best software on the market. They are the market leader. Approximately four (4) million people use Turbotax to prepare their Income Tax Returns. The software is phonemically easy to use and awesome. No question about this.

Here is what concerns us. With such phonemical software, why do Intuit Inc. need Live Tax Expert? The software should prepare your taxes, right? You got my point?

We all have skill sets that we have acquired or developed over the years. Because we are good at what we do, does this means we will be good at doing our taxes? We think the latter.

Tax Professionals, Tax Experts, Tax Attorneys serve a valuable purpose. They are trained and are expertise in what they do. Consult a Tax Expert.

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“The hardest thing in this world to understand is the income tax.” Albert Einstein

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