Ways To File

We’ve Made Filing With Us Easy – See the Many Ways Below

Step One: Schedule a Virtual Conference Call

Fill out form to your right & submit form. Schedule a Zoom or Google Meet call.

Step Two:  Choose Your Option

Option I – Download our App and Register

  1. Download MyTaxOffice app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  2. Register with us. Enter our Registration Passcode :76J40D
  3. Using your laptop or desktop, go to MyTaxOffice.com: login complete the registration. Next upload your tax documents.(Laptop or Mobile Device)
  4.  Alternatively, we can send you a link at our secure portal

Option II | Scan your Tax Docs to pdf file and email

  1. Scan pdf Tax Docs to us – download Adobe Scan
  2. E-Mail scan pdf Docs or mail us copies of your Tax Documents  | | info@premierfinancials.net | lapremiertax@gmail.com
  3. Drop-off  Your Tax Documents at 17547 Ventura Blvd., Ste 102 | Encino, CA 91316
  4. Text Us Your Tax Documents | (323)451-5768
  5. Schedule a 15 Minutes Consultation

Option III | File In-Person or Online

  1. Complete the Taxpayer Consent Form Below – i.e. Taxpayer Data Sheet Online 
  2. Review the Tax Filing Checklist and provide us with the appropriate documents
  3. Alternatively, fill out the corresponding forms online that mirror your documents and submit it to us.
  4. Upload, text copies  or email us tax documents | supporting documents

Step Three

Give us your consent |Complete Tax Organizer or Consent Form below.

Tax Preparation Checklist  

      1. Compete the Tax Organizer  <<<<<
      2. Taxpayer Data Consent Form  
      3. Upload Tax Documents after submitting the consent form.
      4. Taxpayer Data Sheet-Stimulus
      5. Business Expense Worksheet
      6. Dependent Data Sheet
      7. W-2 Form | Wages & Tax Statement
      8. W2-G | Certain Gambling Winnings
      9. 1099-R Distribution from Pension, Annuities or Profit Sharing
      10. 1099- Misc. | Miscellaneous Income
      11. 1099-NEC | Non-Employee Compensation
      12. 1099-K | Partnership Card or Third Party Network
      13. 1099-INT | Interest Income
      14. 1099-DIV | Dividend Income
      15. 1099-OID Original Issue Discount
      16. 1099-G | Government Payment
      17. 1098- Mortgage Interest Payment Statement
      18. 1098- E Student Loan Interest Payment
      19. 1098-T | Tuition Statement
      20. 1095-A | Health Insurance Marketplace Statement
      21. 1099-C | Debt Cancellation
      22. Schedule K-1 Form 1041 (S-Corporation & Partnerships)
      23. W-4 | Employees Withholdings Statement
      24. Schedule C – Business Income & Business Expenses | Sole Proprietorship | Independent Contractors