Prices & Fees

                             Accounting or Bookkeeping Fees

Bookkeeping  Bank Account Credit Card Fees
1 1 1 $100.00/Month
2 2 2 $150/Month
3 or More Varies Varies $250.00/Month
QBO Set Up Chart of Accounts Reconcile Bank, Credit Cards & Other G/L Accounts $350.00
Quickbooks Clean up  Revamp Your QB Desktop or QB-Online To GAAP Standards GAAP Compliance –  Implement SOPs and Internal Controls Prices Starts @ $350.00

 Tax Fees  –  See Listings at Friendly Tax Services

Prices for bookkeeping and Accounting services varies as to the nature of work that’s needed and the time required. For the most part, it’s affordable.

Since most of our clients we are entrepreneurs, we’ve structure our fees base on the bank accounts and monthly banking activities. We recommend clients set up automatic  or ach payments so as to avoid the time it takes to reconcile the bank accounts and to identify written checks.